Well, most people tend to not like change.  I’m not one of them, but Ug.  I really cannot go with the design changes at TechCrunch.  I like me some minecraft, but not as a logo. (jelly ML?)  And When did Murdock buy TC and force the urber large headlines? And the webpage is JUST a bit wider then my laptop.  How can you miss that?


I do like the idea of a cleaner simpler design and layout, and to be fair, they did say its a work in progress, so I will give them a pass there as well, but as someone who has a little bit of experience designing sites, I think they could have done better with the first version out of the gate.  If I was to give one suggestion, back off on the headlines.

There have been many other changes and they said they did a full code rebuild. ( I have been through that as well )  So I would guess 70% of the changes we will not see, and I’m sure that the site is faster although a first blush I got mixed results.  A cached page was indeed faster, but a new page seemed to load normally.

Unlike most people, I do not HATE this design, I’m not mad they changed it.  In fact I’m happy to see a major blog experimenting, it simply give me more fodder for thinking about what works and what does not.

Time will tell.

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