Nice!  You can get one of those micro helicopters for around $40 that you can control with your iphone/ipad/ipad. The only thing missing is the video display. I would LOVE to see someone put a small wifi camera on this.  I would buy it right now.

DealExtreme, the leading online electronics retailer, unveils the first and only iPhone/iPad/iPod controlled iHelicopter for under $40 with free shipping.


Like helicopters? Have an iPhone, iPad, or any Apple iOS device? Then you’ll love DealExtreme’s new iHelicopter Air! Instantly turn your iOS device into a real-world remote control and fly your helicopter anytime, anywhere. Costing just under $40, it’s the first affordable iPhone/iPad/iPod controlled helicopter on the market, and the free shipping is offered at DX as always.

Set-up is fast and easy. Charge via USB, download FREE iHelicopter App from iTunes, plug your transmitter (or “infrared dongle”) into your audio port and…you’re ready to fly! The infrared dongle attached your iOS device transmits infrared signals to the helicopter giving you total flying control.