As I was putting my Google+ circles together, I thought.  Hmmm.. How would Dante do his circles?  Yes I wonder these things.. And here is how his circles would look.

Had to do a bit of Photoshop to get these in order.  Then I thought.. how would Dante’s Google+ circles map to today’s grouping?  Actually, pretty well..

  1. LIMBO – This is where you put the people that, yes you may have meet them, but really do not know what you want to do about this connection. Its not like they did anything wrong, its just that you don’t care. Map this to acquaintances.
  2. LUST – Pretty easy right?  People you WISH you knew or want to know better.  Map this to followers.
  3. GLUTTONY – I think people you follow just because you want to, like media stare (whores) or whatever. Not sure what this maps to.
  4. GREED – Another easy one.  These are your business contacts.  Map directly to professional.
  5. ANGER – I had to think about this one.  I decided all my news organizations would go here.  FOX especially.  Map this to Media.
  6. HERESY –  Another hard one.  My first thought is there is where you put your on the edge bloggers, or your cutting edge people.  Unlike Dante I would not could these people as ‘sinner’ or ‘bad’ but instead those that are outside the accepted mainstream. No direct mapping.
  7. VIOLENCE – Rugby players.
  8. FRAUD – Anything that has to do with banking, the stock market, politics.. People who make their living trying to convince you of something.. ( I might be too harsh on this one.  Thoughts??  Alternatives?) Spammers, SocMed Guru’s or Ninjas
  9. TREACHERY –  Past lovers, past friends that betrayed you, business partners that screwed you over.. I really hope this is an empty circle.  Map directly to Blocked if there was such as thing.

So there you go.. My first pass at it anyway.  Thoughts?

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