Here is a pretty cool demonstration done by Laan Labs that takes the video and depth mapping information from a Microsoft Kinect and uses that data to create a 3D model for an augmented reality mobile application seen through the iPad 2.

Basically how this works is you shoot something, like yourself, in front of a green screen. Then you can place that video , live in 3D space as viewed through the iPad!  Uber cool.

The String Augmented Reality iOS SDK, developed by UK based String Labs, was the platform Laan Labs used to create the mobile augmented reality experience.

One comment on “3D Video within Live Video. Kinect my augmented reality to an iPad 2

  • I work at Metropolis Studios in chiswick and sometime ago I put forward an Idea for interactive music concerts in your living room (or anywhere on the planet with the use of a smart phone) ……the example I gave was to use the X box Kinect to map in real time a performance and to be able to interact with the performer in real time…..

    I said to my colleagues….Imagine Lady Ga Ga land……….I then sent the idea to various organisations…..

    I am always telling mutha luvers where to throw there nets……..trouble is they never give me any of the fish….!!!!

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