I listen to digital radio way more then my ipad.  (heck I listen to pandora more then my ipod)  When I first got my iphone, it was AOL radio and Stitcher.  I used Stitcher off and on from the beginning, but I found the selection and update rate a bit limited so I have not used it much. Recently, I’ve dumped AOL in favor of TuneIn Radio which seems to work better then AOL (or Radio One) especially when jumping cell towers.

Well I’ve been seeing a number of press release from Stitcher after the 3.2 update which “… is the product of extensive user testing conducted by Stitcher to make the app easier to enjoy. Additional features include instant replay, a redesigned interface, and breaking news alerts – another pivotal step in making talk radio interactive. Stitcher users are now instantly alerted when news breaks via the iPhone push notification system…”

So I logged back in to Stitcher, but this time, I used the desktop interface.  So much easier!  I now have it running as my default sounds app for my desktop because there is now enough feeds to make it worth going to on a daily basis.  There are lots of sources to choose from and you can create a station by selecting favorites.  However, if you are like me and like to listen once a day during a commute, make sure you check that update rate on the station you are interested in.  Not all podcast feeds are daily.

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