I have not upgraded to FireFox 5 yet mostly because of my horrible experience with the first release of FF4.  So much so I uninstalled FF4 to FF3.6 on the desktop. Now I read Via VentureBeat that FF 4 or any older then current releases will not longer get security updates.  That would be fine if upgrading was automatic.  Its not.  So if get a popup or do not see the popup for whatever reason, and do not upgrade, you will be exposed to what ever latest threats are out there.  Nice.

Another reason I have not upgraded is that I have 2 plugs in I depend on, firebug and Toggle Grab (since I use a PC tablet).  I just checked and Firebug does support FF5.0, so I’m downloading in the background as I write this post, but I’m not really thrilled about this.  But I also do not like the idea of auto updating either in case I lose my plugins.  So we are between a rock and a hard place with this one.

I guess I will try not to be more then 1 version behind.  Firebug is a major plugin that frankly I cannot do my job without, thus I’m going to have FF as my major browser regardless. As for my other ‘nice to have’ plugins… we’ll see.

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