I just got this as a press release.  Have not looked into it yet, so consider this post an FYI.


iBike Coach App

The new iBike Coach App (designed to work exclusively with the iBike Dash CC), includes a new user interface, more extensive use of video instruction tutorials, a simpler product setup, easier screen navigation, and one button access to music controls.

John Hamann, CEO of Velocomp, said, “iBike Coach introduces the core of our next generation app. With sharper and more colorful screens, simpler setup procedures, and fun features, such as music control, we think the iBike Coach will make bicycling more enjoyable for iBike Dash CC owners.” Hamann added, “We will rapidly introduce even more features to the iBike Coach App, extending its features to our iBike Dash CC Deluxe and iBike Dash + Power models.”

iBike App and iBike Dash “Always On” Update

The iBike app update that goes live today introduces a new “Always On” feature, which allows for the continuation of data gathering and recording — even with the iBike App is not running — using the iBike Dash electronics.  Then when the iBike App is restarted, the app and electronics talk to each other, figure out where the data gaps are and seamlessly weave the lost data back into the app. Critical cycling information, both on-screen and in the ride file, is always complete and accurate.

According to Hamann, “Cyclists naturally expect that their cycling computer information will always be correct and accurate. And iPhone and iPod touch users naturally expect to have full access to all of their apps, whenever they want.  With our new ‘Always On’ technology, both of these critical expectations are met.  Implementing the ‘Always On’ feature requires complex interactions between the app, electronics, and firmware. We are pleased to implement seamless background data recording and recovery technologies in an iOS cycling computer and to provide this important feature to our customers.”

Pricing & Availability

The iBike Coach App is available for free from the App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at www.itunes.com/appstore. This app works only with the iBike Dash CC, sold separately.