Remember Color?  I do.  I remember it getting $41m in VC cash for what I though was a pretty weak idea.  Then I tried it.  And I was really puzzled.  This seem more like a simple 20k app that really does not need more then 500k to launch.. and all in all, it was just not that interesting, and in fact, I wondered when it would go all skanky on us when I wrote my post on it 24 hours after the launch of Color.

I remember they pulled it once already in April, then I heard it came back  a few weeks ago, and now gone again.  WTH?

So after Pham has left, which in itself is not a good sign, ( Heck, these guys just started out with TONS of $$$ and he bails?)  There is STILL no Android replacement for the one they pulled.  #FAIL.  Now I still need to fire up my Android app and double check that I cannot download the app, but the link from the site is disable.  Fail fail fail.  And ask yourself.  When is the last time you used Color?  I used it once.  Done.  Never heard of anyone using it again.  I hear they are still working on this down in P.A. trying to make it more compliant with the social graph, but we are approaching the end of June and nothing.  What are they doing with all that cash down there?


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