I mostly play SimCity deluxe on the iPad now, but these tips apply for all SimCity games in general. BTW, I have not tried this for Android, but it should work.

  • Put your powerplant in a far corner of the board.
  • If you have a river near the centre of your world, build near it.  Any housing near a river is attractive to the Sims.  Be careful though, do not build such that you cannot grow from there.
  • Build 3×3 area first before building larger blocks
  • Do not build too big too fast, but make sure you have a good balance. I’ve found starting with 4 light housing blocks, 2 med and 2 dense blocks to be useful.  2 light and 2 med business blocks are good.
  • Build your industry zones along the edge of the world. Yes you need more road and it takes more money, but it will protect against lots of pollution.  You will fight this battle throughout the game.
  • The Sims will scream for Police and Fire in the beginning.  Ignore them. These service cost lots of money.  Wait till you have solid income.
  • Build the Fire station first, then the police station.
  • You can never have enough water towers in the beginning.  Plan for that.
  • Pay attention to taxes.  This is your best tool for regulating income and growth.
  • Build parks to improve those borderline neighborhoods. Yes they take some money, but well worth it to turn a neighborhood around.
  • Don’t go nuts with roads.  You will not notice at first, but they can really add up.  As your town grows, make larger blocks.  Plan for buses.  I’ve only once used a train system and that was when my city was becoming like Tokyo.

Have other tips, let us know.

22 comments on “SimCity Deluxe Tips and Tricks

  • My brother suggested I may like this website. He was once totally right. This submit actually made my day. You cann’t consider just how much time I had spent for this information! Thanks!

  • Any tips on how to work railroads? Do we need to put a station beside every rail road ending? Or do we just put rails down? They have those little houses that the train goes into… but I'm not sure if we need a station beside each of those. If I don't use railroads I always get complaints of poor transportation and some parts of the city start to clear out.

    Also, do you recommend putting the power plant in the same corner as the industrial zones? Or put the power plant away from those as well?


    • I do not use rail that much, prefer buses, but I think you need a station at both ends.As for factories and power plans, I tend to keep them next to each other., but do try to plan industry on the corners. If you try to put too many industries in one area, it can get pretty bad.

  • You need a train station at multiple points along the rail, just as you would with bus stops. The little houses are nothing but a fun way to provide a visual anchor to each end of your rail. If you plan your rail in a square, midway into your countryside and add several train stations along the route, your sims will be satiated.

  • Is there any way to get rid of all the landfill space that is required in the beginning??? I have built the incinerator to energy plants and they seem to be moving slowly but I just can’t seem to make them get rid of it faster…
    Also, how do you attract high tech jobs? The sims keep asking for them and I do not know how to attract them.

  • I can’t increase my land values for the life of me. I did a test block that was just residential and I placed every park, zoo, police, fire, etc… around it and the best I got was “average”. Any thoughts?
    Also, is there any way to remove land waste plots? Once you build stuff like incinerators and recycling centers they just sit there. :/
    And is there any way to connect to other cities like in the regular game? Thanks!

    • I do not think you can connect to other cities, unless there is a hack / mod out there I do not know about. As for land values, adding those things are good, but you also need to be sure there is low pollution and easy commute access. OH, and jobs of course.

    • An easy way is to use the 2×2 park structure. There’s two kinds. One is a park, the other is a pond. Now, let’s call this a “park tile”. Let’s call an unzoned and empty 2×2 square a “lot”.

      Make a checkerboard pattern of parks and lots:


      Surround the checkerboard with road, and fill the empty lots with dense residential.
      Notice that there is a Park in the middle of the chekerboard. And I use residential. You want a park in the center, because those tiles are not reachable by the road. Residential need to be 4 blocks or less from a road. (Commercial is 3 blocks, industry is 5.)

      Similar checkerboard can be made for commercial, and also, you can make variations.

      I sometimes like to add a row between the tips of diagonal parks. That way, the high valued residential buildings will build things like large gazebos (larger than what you can build), or nice parks, or tiled walkways.

      For commrecial, you can do something like.

      1. Place down a 3×3 park (I think it’s called park de’ville or something.)
      2. Surround [1] with a 2 block-thick band of dense commercial zone.
      3. Surround [2] with a 1×1 block-thick band of parks.
      4. Surround the whold thing with roads.

      A variation of 1-4, is to add a trail of 1×1 park tiles that connect each entrance to the 3×3 park to the road.

      Here’s another band that’s kinda cool:

      p – 1×1 tile
      R – 1×1 road
      C – 1×1 dense commercial



      For the above, you are staggering 2×2 commercial zones with 2×1 parks.
      Now take the ‘band’ above, and surround a 3×3 park with it.

      If you have long narrow strip of empty land surrounded by roads, you do something like snake a 1×1 park:


      The idea is to surround commercial and residential zones with as much park as you can. I think this is enough to get the imagination going.

      watch while land values jump can crime falls. I have 2 polics stations in my latest city, and that’s just to deal with annoying sim complaints. I don’t even need the stations.

      Enjoy. Let me know how it goes. I’m curious what you come up with.

  • I can’t increase my land values for the life of me. I did a test block that was just residential and I placed every park, zoo, police, fire, etc… around it and the best I got was “average”. Any thoughts?Also, is there any way to remove land waste plots? Once you build stuff like incinerators and recycling centers they just sit there. :/And is there any way to connect to other cities like in the regular game? Thanks!

    • No there isn’t any way to connect with other cities. For land value, try implementing park, zoo, police, fire and the other things when building an entire city, because there aren’t any work zones around the test block to boost the land value since those zones provide jobs so sims won’t move out of the town, therefore making the land values higher so better buildings would appear. This advice may not be right though, but I am just guessing because of sim city experience and I read from other articles like this. Also you should frequently after 10 or so years remove and replace incinerators and recyclng centres as they get old and probably pollute too much to the city overtime and may cause problems. The garbage waste zones yes do just sit there with no way to delete it, so be careful with adding those zones( place them far away from residential and commercial zones, majorly residential) and you shouldn’t add to much either. If you do end up having too much harmful waste disposals or too much, the parks should cover as they make residential zones better to live in and you may have to add more too. already, the parks will cover Hope at least somehow helped!

  • Anyone know how to rotate the map? I’m sure it can be done as I was playing the game when I got a call last night and when I ended the call and went back onto the game the map had rotated!

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