.. According to Robert Scoble at least, so not exactly a scientific poll..

  • My employer bought me this and didn’t give me choice to get an iPhone (most common answer, actually, when I meet normal people outside of the tech industry).
  • They like the hackability of the phone. I then usually ask what their favorite language is and invariably they answer “Java.” iOS forces ObjectiveC and you need to play tricks to make an iOS device hackable.
  • They like a phone they can customize. Loic loves showing me Seesmic on Android, for instance, because it can have shortcuts into specific parts of the app.
  • They hate Apple (almost always followed by a modifier, like “I hate their smug attitude” or “I hate their closed approach” or “I can’t stand paying more for similar technology” or “I am into what a product does, not how it looks.”
  • They wanted functionality iPhone doesn’t offer (physical keyboard, custom keyboard like “Swype.” A specialized app like WalkBase. Or something like that).
  • They wanted 4G and iPhone doesn’t offer that yet.
  • Google’s apps are the only ones that matter to them and they are superior on Android than on iOS.
  • They wanted to use a carrier that iPhone isn’t on yet.
  • All they wanted is a phone and they don’t care about apps or other features and Android was cheaper.
  • They wanted an OS feature that iOS didn’t offer (multitasking, for instance).
  • They work at Google or a company that picked Android (like Motorola) so wanted to support the mother ship.
  • They are an app developer and were forcing themselves to learn Android so they could build apps for it.
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