I think most are familiar with the scene from Terminator 2 when Arnold walks into the biker bar after going back in time and uses his ‘Terminator view’ to scan the environment.

Bringing this science fiction one step closer to science fact is Fraunhofer IPMS. IPMS (Institute for Photonic Microsystems) is one of fifty six institutes in Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, that specializes in  research, development and fabrication of photonics microsystems including semiconductor and microsystem processes as well as integrated actuators and sensor technologies.

OLED Microdisplay based Eyetracking HMD

Fraunhofer IPMS had a recent press release sharing their work on an OLED microdisplay based Eyetracking head mounted display (HMD).  This device enables the user to overlay the view of the real world with digital content (traditional AR) and interact with the applications using only their gaze, hands free.

Not the coolest looking AR glasses I think everyone wants to see, but a great start. It is very impressive work I look forward to learning more about. Guess “I’ll be back.”

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