Sometime, you just have to shake you head when a company as large as AT&T fails in its attempt to convince people that its not the death star.  First seem in Ars Technica, AT&T tried to convince everyone that T-Mobile its low grade, not worth talking about and that this really will not change the mobile landscape, and in some alternative universe, will actually increase compitition.  Wow.  Read it yourself..

Here is AT&T’s own description of the company it plans to buy for $39 billion:

  • “T-Mobile is not an important factor in AT&T’s competitive decision-making.”
  • “As a standalone company, however, T-Mobile USA would continue to face substantial commercial and spectrum-related challenges. It confronts increased competition from industry mavericks such as MetroPCS, Leap, and others; its percentage of US subscribers has been falling for nearly two years; and it has no clear path to LTE.”
  • “T-Mobile USA, in contrast to others, does not have a differentiated network position. T-Mobile USA has admitted that it suffered from its late transition to a 3G network, and unlike Sprint, which first promoted a 4G network, T-Mobile USA’s HSPA+ launch appears to have been lost among other carriers’ 4G messaging.”
  • “AT&T does not believe that T-Mobile USA has a particularly compelling portfolio of smartphone offerings as compared to AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint.”
  • “To the extent that T-Mobile USA’s prices are lower than those received by AT&T and Verizon Wireless for otherwise comparable subscribers, T-Mobile USA’s lower prices have not stimulated growth in its share of retail subscribers. This indicates that other aspects of T-Mobile USA’s service are in some way lacking.”

They go on to claim that their networks Sucks (woh, did they actaually admit this?  Does the marketing department know about this?  And further go on to say just how cool and powerful the rest of the compitions is.  Verizon can fire thier advert department now, AT&T has done the work for them.