Caution! Arrgg.. This will be a total rant post.

<rant>  WTF Microsoft??  I was asked to build a simple application for windows mobile 7.  No prob.  Its been out long enough that I would think all the bugs are out.  Its a simple enough app, whip this guy out in 2 weeks top.  Right..

So first, I get a phone and had to load zune twice before it would work.  Then EACH TIME I connect the phone to my laptop, there is yet another friggen update.  Sigh.. Fine.. My programmer has test code for me to look at and like the iphone, I have to set up an account with microsoft just to view the bloddy thing.  Ok, fine enough again.  So I hit the site and find out I need the windows phone developer tools.  Start downloading that.  Its a big download and its crawling.  So I go off and do other things and an hour… yea an HOUR! Its downloaded.  Start the install… now I need siverlight?  WTF?  ok I download that.  Back to it..   No I need to install Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone..  ARE YOU KIDDING???  Another download, this is a touch faster, but still, WAY too slow.  I have to guess the MS servers are over loaded.. or they just suck.

Finally, after a number of reboots, a few more downloads, numerous ‘updates’ to the installed applications and the phone, I think I’m finally ready to do this… Oh wait, you HAVE to have a paid subscription account to view this app?  Ug.  Fine.  I’ll pay the $99…  I’m trying to register and the site keeps failing on me on the javascript calls. I give up and try IE.  After multiple fails on the web site, I get THIS page.

WTF Microsoft??/  And I thought building for Apples iOS world was a drag.  Man.