While I was at demo, I talked with the Stanly Lee CEO of NeuroSky about his device and the various possible applications. Many of the things I really wanted to be able to do with the device is actually not an objective of NeuroSky.  Instead, the idea is to focus on the device and let others build application for it. You can see a good explanation from an older Video from Ch7 ACB Video below.  They also presented some cool application that run on top of their technology at DEMO 2011 co hosted by Venturebeat.

So I went to GDC 2011 and give it a try.  As you can see in the video I took, they set up a demo where you can take a few puts and see how your focus drifted in and out as you are putting.  Since I have a number of years of golf behind me, the woman monitoring the signals said that I was already doing well, but to wait an extra 1 or 2 seconds before I put once I feel I was ‘locked’ into concentration.  I tried that and sank it.  Not sure that really made the difference since I got 3 practice puts first, but you never know.

Here is the video…

And here is the ABC video.

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