At GDC2011 the best promotional campaign I saw for a game was for Kaos Studios Homefront.

Published by THQ, Homefront is a first-person shooter game scheduled to be released for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Windows this March. It is set in the near future, 2027, when a nuclear-armed Korean People’s Army invades the USA and the rest of the world.

What first brought my attention to this game was the Korean Taco truck THQ had parked at the Moscone Center.

A Korean Taco Truck?

The truck had twin monitors, one with a demo of the game to play, the other with the below trailer, and served damn good tacos!

The game has a freakishly real element to it that is very reminiscent of War of the Worlds. When I walked up it was showing a clip of Hillary Clinton talking about the North Korean ship sinking incident and I thought at first, “why is a taco truck showing old news?”

Watch the trailer to see what I mean.

I will definitely give it a try as it looks like a cool FPS and the marketing appealed to my inner fat kid.