Nuts.  I was really excited to try this too.  Seems the orginal droid just does not have what it takes to run FF4. Not sure what the issue is, be the OS or CPU or what. When I loaded FireFox4 on my Droid it did give me a warning that it may not work correct.  And it didnt,  I tried going to this site first and although it loaded it slowly, it locked up on me. So I closed the application and give it another try. Same result.  Sigh..

Google search seemed to work ok, and worked ok.  Again, they were both slow for VERY light sites.  I then gave CNN a try and it came up pretty quick. But navigation was slow.

So there you have it. After 10 min, I gave up on it.  Shame.  Ah well, from what I’ve heard, if you have the right phone for it, its pretty good.