I ran Firefox beta off and on, and it was fine but a bit buggy.  Then I download FF4 final release and it was REALLY buggy.  Screens not fully rendering, browser getting stuck, buttons not working, etc..  Never did fully crash though funny enough.Even killing the browser and restarting did not help.

I then started to take off plugins and ‘boom’ firefox is living up to the hype.  I’m not sure which of the plugin was killing it, Although I have a feeling it was Mcafee.  But could have been the website speed extensions as well.  I do not need them and have not bothered turning them on one by one to find out.

So, all excited with Firefox and the things keep locking up on you? Even when you close and reopen the browser?  Start killing extentions.

Good luck!

12 comments on “Firefox 4 feeling buggy? Could be those plugins

  • Yeah, I've been having the sames problems. The beta and release candidate was fine and then bam, public release caused problems. I also disabled plugins but and still seemed to have some issues….not impressed 🙁

    • Yea, even with my extensions turned off, its not as smooth as I would have expected. Perhaps a the next patch will take care of it.Sent from my iPhone, please excuse my typos

  • Not a great upgrade. I undid it, went back to FF 3.16 and it works fine. I'll wait. I think when they get it fixed it will be OK, but it's pretty ratty right now

  • Crashes flash player all the time, freezes completely most of the time… very disappointing release, might ass well go back to IE9 🙂

  • Firefox 4 is very disappointing. I don't have any addons installed and it's still very buggy. Flash player problem is very annoying as well. Time to switch to Chrome…

  • I have been having the same problem – disabled plugins but get routine lockups even after latest update, especially when following links in email messages that IE 9 handles with no issues. Have been a long tome FF user, but giving up for a while – just too annoying too often. Hopefully FF 5 will be an improvement

    • buggy even after killing all the plugins? Sad. I still have lockups here and there. Normally it frees up after 30 sec or so, but still. I wonder if I need to kill the Flash plugin as well?—

  • First time I had to 'downgrade' firefox to the previous version (3.6). They should not have rolled this out until they knew it was Ok, as I've no interest in going back to 4. Might be a good time to get into chrome.

    • well I would give it a few updates. My FF has been running pretty well once I updates flash and of course removed some plugins. Still not updating the desktop though.Sent from my iPhone, please excuse my typos

  • While it IS a good idea to troubleshoot software behavior by removing potential contributors, the main reason these days that software is buggy is because of the big push to "invent" fancy "new" things constantly instead of making reliability and usability-testing the number one priorities. Just look at google and the largest software companies, they change things for no reason and break familiarity instead of fixing the basics. Software is complex and you can't play games and be on a "gotta change it" – “gotta make the UI even fancier” craze.

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