I downloaded the iPhone android photo sharing app called Color just like 100 thousand other people probably have by the time I hit send.  And ok, I get it.  I take pics, other people near me take pics.  And we see them.  Great. Not big thrill to me unless I’m at a party or wedding or something, but whatever.  However I have a bad feeling that in 24 hours, someone is going hit upon the idea of image trolling and we will have chatroulette with all the wonderful badness you can think of.  How?

Ok, lets say you take a few ‘interesting’ pics and store it on a second device that displays images.  Head out to your favorite place crowded place, (be sure to hang just outside) and start sharing.  Win!  You have just spammed or offended a whole group of people!

But wait, this is attached to your phone right?  Like some people are going to care.  Make up a name, go someplace where they do not know you and have a good time.  I’m sure there are way to block this stuff out one way or another, people people are creative, they will find ways around it.

Will be interesting though eh?  Lets see what happens…

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