That was fast!!   I have been trying to get into the site since 2:30pm pst and it was failing.  Now I get a screen saying they have sold out on the pre-order?  WTH??  Sold out THIS fast?  That makes NOOOO sense.  I have a feeling something is up but not sure.  However, given that the site was down for three hours before switching to the sold out screen; I really wonder if Verizon is really aware of just what they are getting into by taking on the iphone?  I would call this a warning shot across the bow.

Regardless, that is the story.  Here is the screen grab..

I do not know if they are truly out-of-stock as the URL indicates:

or if they’re servers were crushed and they are talking them offline for a bit.  Time will tell.

So I talked with the guys at the Verizon store and they are even surprised by how fast and how hard the servers were hit.  They are going to huddle up tomorrow and review the plan of action for existing vs. new customers, so I would not say existing customers are screwed just yet.  Keep posted to this channel, I will update once they get back to me.

5 comments on “Verizon Pre order Sold out!

  • This is one of the moments when you can watch a company actually get what they wished for…and it might not be to their liking. Vz is about to get slammed with a digital Tsunami just like the one that has hit at&t nice and hard a couple of times so far. Those first waves are going to be big, maybe throttling the top 5% of bandwidth hogs can stop the undertow that slows at&t down so much

    • But that's a clue right? The fact they know AT&T got slammed AND knowing they will have far more users pushing more data (more 3g connections then AT&T can support) that they HAVE to be over prepared right? But as counter point; they under est. the demand for the phone. So much so their servers were down for 3 hours.Here is another theory though. How much you want to bet they are going to limit how many phones are sold per month just to see what kind of loads are on the system. And if they do that, then we will see another iPhone gold rush like we did when the first phone came out. Sent from my iPhone. Please excuse the typos.

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