So Rupert Murdoch’s breakthrough revolution in newspapers is upon us.  30 million upon us.  And what did we get?  We got a pretty slick looking publication that is far more interactive then anything I’ve seen before, that is suppose to have much better writing (I have not seen enough to really know).  News Corp is offering subscriptions to the The Daily at 99 cents a week, or $39.99 a year.  I do believe ‘The Daily’ is the future of newspapers and I think it will be a success.  But I also expect to see competitors (most likely to be released on other then the iPad) to come out in 3-6 months.

So who will read this?  At first glance I may not. I can see this as an after work read, like a magazine but right now my eve are just as busy as my days and given all the reading I do already. Perhaps a morning thing on the train into work?  I really do not want to read more on yet another computer device. However, that just me. If I had a normal life and came home and wanted to relax, then yea I can see this.  We are talking $40 a year, for what is suppose to be good quality journalism.  But this is Rupert Murdoch we are talking about.  The creator of Fox news. Not exactly the height of calm well thought out and balanced journalism.  So the big question for me will be; will I be reading fox info-tainment or well research and presented journalism. For that; time will tell.  If the later, then you can count me as a reader… we at least I’ll try it for 2 weeks and see if I really read it.

A new edition will come out every day, with updates throughout the day. it will feature a carousel navigation that looks like Coverflow, an dinclude video and 360-degree photographs

Asked whether The Daily would come to other tablets, Rupert Murdoch says, “As other tablets get established, we expect to be on all the major tablets.” But he also notes, “We believe this year, and maybe next year belong to Apple.”  And what about that $30 mil?  How will he make that up? Murdoch said he eventually hopes to make half the revenue from advertising.  Natch.

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