Remember Metro PCS finally getting into the smart phone game? Get an Android unlimited everything for $50 a month. Not bad except you only get edge, but its a way to fight AT&T and Verizon (especially with the iphone 4 coming out). Well another shot is fired in the great cell phone war, T-Mobile is offering a limited 500 min and 200m of data using 4G for $60.  Pretty good if you are looking for a cheap way to get into the smart phone game, and running 4G at that.  An equivalent At&T plan is $75 for 3G.  Sure $15 a month is not a big difference, but it adds up.  Over 2 years, you are looking at  $360 savings. Course this is assuming the 4G plans for AT&T and Verizon will not cost more money.

Saving a few more bucks, you can get your Android phone free.  So will this be enough to get a few people to move to T-Mobile?  Might. They are pushing pretty hard against AT&T will their latest ads (everyone seems to be attacking AT&T aren’t they?) pushing 4g, video conference both data and wifi and now $10 a month for data plans. I really do not expect t-mobile to take significant numbers from AT&T not stop some iphone fans going to Verizon. But I do think that these steps will keep them in the game. Only time will tell though.