Every now and again, something so cool come out, I become full of WANT! Electric eye glasses from PixelOptics that use a LCD layer that alters how the liquid crystals refract light.  Holy alter vision batman!!  Think about it.  Get your eyes checked every year and the doctor simply changes your prescription in the computer and your eyeglasses are updated the next time you plugin.  SWEET!  But it gets better…

Now that I have crossed the 40 barrier, I’ve noticed my near vision is starting to go out on me.  These glasses have an accelerometer that changes the prescription if I look down.  NICE!  Its over a grand for these puppies, but if my insurance covers even 1/2 of the cost, I will buy!!

Here is moar from the press release..

The microchip, micro-accelerometers, and miniature batteries are hidden inside the arms of the eyeglass frames and are what provides the activation of the electronic eyeglass lenses. The transparent LCD layer in each lens is able to electronically change its molecular structure to activate the near focus lens only when needed, making the entire lens available for distance vision otherwise.

Because the lenses are electronically powered, when a wearer of emPower! tilts his or her head down to read or view an object up close, the accelerometer detects the motion, the microchip sends an electronic signal to the LCD layer and alters how the liquid crystals refract light, changing the prescription of the lens, with no moving parts and without making a sound. Wearers can operate the glasses in three different modes: manual on, automatic and manual off.

PixelOptics has partnered with Aspex Eyewear, a leading eyewear company, to manufacture, sell, and distribute electronic emPower! eyeglass frames exclusively in North America.