We all know about kickstarter, and if you have not heard of kickstarter, whats wrong with you?  Didn’t you see that story on the uber cool ipod watch?  Sigh.. anyway, check this out.

Hololabs is trying to build 3D Augmented Reality app.  The project is called MixAR:
MixAR is our second Augmented Reality (AR) iPhone application and the world’s first AR Editor for the iPhone. It’s a fun, easy-to-use tool for creating and viewing personalized AR content on the iPhone. Using MixAR you can make and save your own simple 3D models and icons (or load pre-made models from our library), assign them to markers, place them in scenes together, and film or photograph your scenes in order to share with the world. All this can be done using just your phone!

There is only 15 days left. You can get in for as little as $5 which will give you a free copy of the app.  Higher $$ level gives you unlimited updates and add-ons, which is nice, but it let your voice get heard on the development of the app.  So have an AR idea you want built?  This could be a really cheap way to get if not exactly what you want, at least something close.  Once you read what mixAR is speced to do; you may think; hey this is a lot of what I want with exception to feature X or function Y.  Well, if you contribute say a $1000, you just might convince them to add this to your app!  How great would that be?

So pass the word.  I’m sure you know SOMEONE who wants an AR app.  Let them know.  They only have 15 days left.

Now, check out this video of mixAR in action..

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