I like my iPad, and if i sold it, I would miss it right off, but that’s because I have the really bad habit of taking a look at email, socMed or do a small bit of reading before bed.  Else, I think I would be in the same boat as my friend here.. Lets call him..  Mr. Coffee Beaner. –
The other day I was asked by a developer friend of mine to test one of his iPad apps, he was kind enough to send me a promo code.  I got this on my laptop’s inbox, so I followed the iTunes store link, redeemed the code and added the app to my iTunes library.  I didn’t put too much thought since I figured I’ll sync my iPad eventually later that week – except, I had totally forgotten I had SOLD my iPad two weeks prior to redeeming that deliciously free app… hmmm really?
I have been away from “herbal” medications since college (class of 04′ here), and one of the (few) things I pride myself is my ability to remember most things, in fact my biggest pet peeve is probably having to repeat information to other humans over and over again – and now I just realized I literally had FORGOTTEN I had sold my own iPad… let alone, i’m still downloading apps for it!
This was just not normal, I just don’t forget stuff, I can remember pretty much every item I have sold on eBay, Craigslist or have even donated – so I was puzzled by the fact I had forgotten this iSale just like that. in the other hand, a little breeze of joy blew my way when I consequently realized I now should also have an extra $400.00 cash stashed somewhere in my house!
So, After some deep thinking, I contemplated the possibility that in fact, the reason why I had forgotten the sole fact I had sold my iPad was that I never really bonded with it. It made sense, I DID sell it after all, didn’t I?    The amazing thing is that I usually sell what I no longer use, don’t need, etc.  The iPad made such a light impression on me as a user, that the fact that I didn’t miss it, or neither made me happy I got rid of it, the fact that it didn’t leave a trace of its existence, or lack there of at my household, was enough to prove my point beyond “the sale”: Its was a device with such little latitude I didn’t even notice I didn’t have it, I also didn’t miss, missing it.  Sounds so contradictory that this literally cancels itself out.
I have a Macbook Pro docked for work, and an iPhone 4 for couch and casual browsing, I always found the “in between devices” marketing positioning to be incredibly tight, specially since my machine is a laptop so mobility was never an issue.  I always found the iPad to be rather heavy to watch movies in bed or awkward to hold at the toilet, and just not powerful enough to be able to pay for itself with serious work *beyond email, it was never mobile enough to justify bringing it anywhere public – where my iPhone4 wouldn’t do the exact same thing (and more) at a fraction of the size. I am not big on “showing off” my tech in public places, that’s just me – small is better.
So, I am not saying anything new, this machine has been reviewed, loved and and hated on every tech blog etc,  but this was my personal experience, so neutral i had no love, or hate, or recollection of it.
For the first time, from all the gadgets i’ve owned, computers. tech toys etc – the iPad was the first device that didn’t leave a positive impression – or a negative. It just didn’t leave an impression at all, Memories are so faint and diluted to the point where I sold it, and somehow forgot about it.
They say that negative exposure builds just as much buzz if not more than positive, they do say a lot of things, and again this was my personal story as a user – and I don’t expect anybody else to relate, if they do, that’s great (i guess). But meh, At least I got $400 cash saved for the next big thing – We’ll see if I am able to remember it this time.

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