As with anything with Apple, including what Steve is going to have for breakfast is a secrete.  But like most things, the clues are there if you just look. As with the iPhone4, do not expect a revolution in the iPad but instead many of the features and function we thought we would have seen in the first iPad…

  1. Updated: I hear they are going to dump the home button and instead use some form of mutitouch.  Could be because it would reduce the cost of the tablet, and Steve hates buttons.  But they home button is the one thing that makes it easy for new users, so not fully sure on this one.
  2. Front and rear facing cameras and facetime support.  This was an easy call.  Expect at least a 5 meg camera with the same capabilities we see on the iphone 4.  Yes there will be LED flash. Although I’m not as certain on the rear facing camera.  I would not be shocked if this gets chopped.
  3. The same video editing packages we have on the iphone 4 but with better social media integration.
  4. Retina display.  The only think making me hesitate on this is the cost. But I could see them using it as a selling point and thus validate the expense.
  5. USB docs.  Mini to be exact.  I really do not expect a full size usb.  Does not make sense.
  6. Landscape docking port.  Although I’m not 100% on this, it would make sense for those of use who would like to dock to a keyboard.  But there already is a landscape docking solution using bluetooth, so I’ll call this 50/50.
  7. Macbook Air like design.  I would not look towards the iphone4 for the new design.  That was mostly driven around the need for a better antenna.
  8. We’ll probably see a 1.5GHz version, and we’ll definitely get at least 512MB of RAM to bring the iPad up to par with the iPhone 4.
  9. 3-axis gyroscope for improved gaming.
  10. Expanded support for AirPlay streaming. I’m hearing this from other places.  Makes sense though
  11. Better integration with the new Apple TV.

I really do not expect LOTS of changes with the firmware software.  There has been a month delay because of firmware issues, but we know its going to be iOS4 based with just a few bells and whistles.  The one big surprise that no one has been talking about but I have a feeling could be in the works is better support for business needs. Office docs support, improved support for exchange and improved security.  Also improved security against jailbreaking… but they do that with every new model and still.. They cannot seem to fully lock it.  ‘course, I really believe they don’t want to as I’ve said before. 🙂

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