Umm.. No. Not yet.  For those of you who follow my blog know I have up’ed my AT&T contract in the last two years, instead choosing to live me my 3G and borrowing other phones when I need to test stuff.  I also have a Verizon Droid, the Samsung BADA phone and a (hahah) piece of junk windows 6.5 phone which site on a nice bit of hardware.  (shakes head)  Anyway… I just cannot make to jump to anything yet because no cell company has shown me a plan that really make me interested.  Then comes MetroPCS.

When the news first broke on the LG Optimus M, I was interested, but then I found out its 2G (edge) speed network only.  Not going to work for me.  Or would it?  Lets say you do not travel very much, basically have the typical office, job, AND you have wifi at home and at work. Then you could be pretty much covered.  No, you are not going be able to pull up a video or anything when you are out and about, but if all you really need is email, light web browsing and maps, it could work. $50 a month?  Thats pretty good.  But you get what you pay for right?  Check out some of these comments from android…

WARNING: this is MetroPCS’s first Android phone so I have been hearing stories that customer service both on the phone and at the store still has bugs to work out; so enter at your own risk.  However, because its Android, you can get rid of most of the bloatware your self and configure the OS to work well.

Now the phone of course is not top of the line either keep in mind, but with a 600mgh processor and a 3.2 camera, its ok enough.  But again, $50 a month.  You get what you pay for, and given you cannot get a good plan from the major cell carriers for under $100 out the door, its an option..   And something I’m thinking about.  Now if we can just 3G or better data speeds on an Android phone.  I just may take them up on their offer.