Wow, just saw this on the ‘The Telegraph‘….

“Mr Assange is expected to voluntarily attend a police station within the next 24 hours, and will then appear in a magistrates’ court. He is wanted over allegations of sexual assault in Sweden.

He is currently in hiding in the south-east of England but police are understood to have the necessary paperwork to arrest him.”

But like I said, the games are just beginning.. As we know lots of encrypted files have been pushed around labeled ‘insurance’ that is understood to contain more sensitive leaks. I don’t think Assange turned himself in thinking; ‘yea, the interwebs have my back’.  I think its more that he has no where left to go.  Earlier the Swiss closed his back account and basically he has been unable to raise any real money because of the constant hounding by the GA. ( WTH is the GA? )

However, you know that he has been spending his time trying to collect as many chips as he can and the encryptied files are one of his largest chips…  But he is going to find its pretty much useless.

The problem is no one is going to trust that he will keep the password to himself and given all the information he has released so far, most authorities figure whatever additional damage he can do is not with a dagger swinging over their heads.  But that is what chips we KNOW of.

This should be interesting.

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