Oh I.. cannot.. .wait.. As seen on Gizmodo, Google is about to release a 3D maps app, Maps 5.0,  for Android that is vector based!  How sweet is that?  For those of you who do not know, vector based graphics are images created by drawing shapes and lines based on instructions instead of raster graphics which require information for everything in the image. So with vector graphics, you get to download the equivalent information 100 times faster, thus less storage memory. Since its 3D vector information, we can view our maps in 3D.

Based on the report, the map will respect orientation if you have compass support, as well as rotate using multi touch, but what is REALLY exciting is the ability to keep most of places you visit in cache down to the building detail.  So image having an Android tablet with Maps 5.0 without cell support; you can basically load up your city and outlining area and you good to go. Going to a new area? Once you get in town, stop by the nearest cafe ( or heck even Mc Donald’s have wifi) and download the city.  Done!  Sweet.

Although you can run this on Android 1.6, you really need a Droid or better.

Now will we see something like this for iPhone?  Sigh.. Not anytime soon, but there is no reason why we could not, its just a question of software.  But who is going to write it?  Apple.  Why should they?  But I know who might.  MotionX with the MotionX-GPS App.  Here is hoping!!  But till then, I will check my Droid everyone looking for Maps 5.0.  MMmmm..

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