The news that the Global Authorities, (no you never heard of this group because they are not a formal group) have decided to go after Wikileaks.  No much of a surprise given the latest round of leaks which embarrassed lots of countries, (not just the US) and the BOA leaks.  Now you are pissing off both Gov. and big business.

Rules of thumb here, NEVER piss off both world leaders and big business, because then you have clicked 2 of the 3 core influencers of the GA.  Well, Wikileaks did just that and now the GA has called the cyber police dogs to mow over Wikileaks.  Step one?  Kill the servers.  Yesterday Amazon kicked Wikileaks offline.  First with no comment, then later saying they could not handle the flood of DDoS attacks.  Today, removed from the DNS servers thus making that URL resolve to no where.  So its over for wikileaks right?  Not really.

Wikileaks lives on at  and mirror links are being setup.  Course, the DDoS attack to .ch is only a matter of time.  And blocking the DNS is also a matter of time.  But at some point they will get so toxic that no one will host them for any amount of time.

But there are PLENTY of underground sites that keep on run, they seem to keep ahead of the law, why should we expect anything different with wikileaks?  Because they pissed off a lot of powerful people, people with lots of reach …  this will be interesting to watch.

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