It’s web2.0 time again and again, my iphone will be challenged to stay alive as I use it for everything including tethering when I lose interwebs.  EVERY conference I got the wifi dies at some point. Anyway,  I have a spare battery I carry around, but it’s a bit annoying, so this week I tried the sun-plugged iphone shell battery.  It seemed like most other shell batteries I’ve used but its a bit smaller then any I’ve seen before.

The surprise? The slightly smaller size actually makes a difference.  I have been keeping my iphone in a case since they day I bought it and it feels pretty much like a normal case.  I do not know how long my phone could have gone, but I used it all day and night and only took the external done 50% and the iphone was sitting at 100%. Nice.

The case is $60, pretty typical, so its a good enough deal. I think I may keep this on my phone 24/7

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