Yes, the plug has been pulled on the Palm pretty and Pixie.  Raise your hand if you are surprised. So today Sprint has taken the Pre out of the store. Yes you can still find them in the Verizon store, but for $50 and $30 respectively with a two year plan.  Not exactly getting the big demand.  And what killed the Pre?  Not the OS.  The WebOS is actually pretty good and HP paid BIG bucks for it thinking it could be used for tablets, or slates. The hardware was not all that great, but not that bad either.  No what killed it is no one wants to write apps for it.  All the app developers are writing for Apple right now although the tide is shifting to the Android platform. I have said this before; although cannot find the post at the moment, but Palm has one shot at getting back in the game against Apple, Google and Microsoft, and they blow it with the worse advertaising compain ever.   To add insult to injury, when someone tried to start a WebOSCamp like we have with the iPhone, the Palm people (mostly the legal people) kept getting in the way to the point that the founders lost interest.

Palm:  You had a GREAT lead with a great product back in the day.  Put out what I would consider the first really good mass produced smart phone in the Kyrocera 6035.  Then you failed to take that lead and keep innovating and leading the market.  FAIL.  Then once you get a good phone you mess up the first community effort to get programmers and the WORST advert series ever.  Palm, your Epic Failure is now complete.

As much of a Palm fan boy that I am, or at least was, I never thought for one moment about writing for the Pre. There is simply no market there. And I do not know a single person who wrote apps for it either.  Pretty telling right?   But like I said before, I do plan on buying a palm Pre just to complete my collection.

4 comments on “The Palm Pre is dead. Your Epic Failure is now Complete

  • Maybe you should rethink your proclamation, especially with the Palm Pre 2 a few days away and the palm tablet soon to be announced. WebOS 2.0 is out on the new Pre2, which is being sold unlocked by HP right now. So YOUR epic fail is now complete.

    • Palm had the chance to be THE leader in smart phones and blew it. the Palm Pre 2 is simply an update to the Pre 1 and the same to webOS2. No game changers here. Dont get me wrong, webOS is really impressive and cannot wait to see it on a tablet, but Palm, as a company and product line has failed secure it's position as a leader in the smart phone industry. They had to sell to HP at a fire sale price and its now regarded as an 'also ran' in the crowded smart phone market. Fail. Simple as that. The question now is; now what? Palm is destined for a nitch market, but what nitch market? HP must have something in mind, or there would not be a palm 2. That will be interesting to watch.

  • this article is false. i got the palm pre 2 and it is light years better than an iphone 4. seriously its not a spec bump phone like other idiots have stated. the original pre with its crappy hardware may be dead.. but hp is about to come out rolling with the pre 3 and veer. The pre 2 is sick but the veer looks really badass. maybe ill cop it for my girl.

    • No, you are missing the point, PALM has failed. This is now an HP gig. How it will succeed or fail is still to be determined, although IMHO I do not think HP will be able to do much unless the AT&T and T-Mobile buy falls through. —

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