I hate how slow the iphone camera app is. There must be an app that will load the camera faster. And there is!  Snappy.  Jailbreak of course.  Snappy will let you take a picture faster with your iphone; like one second fast!  Really, this is the faster camera app I have ever seen.  Even better, is that version 2 supports Video for 3gs!  Nice.

I tested this out on my 3G thinking; well it will be a little slow because of the processor, but no.  One second. Just as advertised.   According to the site, both the iphone 3GS and 4G is supported, so if you are into take pics with you phone at all. This is a must have.  So impressed I am, that it will be added to my top 10 jailbreak apps.  Not sure where I will put it, much less who will get kicked off, but that is another post.

Some other bennies, of this app.  You can use the volume button to take the picture.  WIN. You can deselect it if that is not your bag.  Same thing with the GPS stamping.  However, I like having both there.   There is also an option to have the picture taken as soon as you load, but I found that the camera comes up way to fast before I can set my shot, so I would not bother with this feature.

Its a paid app, so you need to cough up $1.99 via paypal or amazon.  Cydia has a process in place to handle payments if you have not tried it yet.

Check out the video below and be amazed!

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