This is a quick tip for all you jailbroken iphone users out there. ESPECIALLY you 3G users… you know who you are. So you already have downloaded SBSetting because its one of the best reason to jailbreak your iphone / ipad in the first place. However, as you have also seen, once you jailbreak, and especially after installing backgrounder, another super awesome app, memory garbage collection does not seem to work as well anymore. Why? Don’t know. But one thing you can do to easy the pain is keep an eye on your memory usage and when you see it dip below 8megs, stop whatever you are doing; swipe the top of the phone and kill safari and email. These two buggers seem to love to latch on the memory and only give it up with a last dieing breath and unkind words about your mother.
Once you get in to the habit of this you will find that your 3G is really not that bad. For your 4G users, you may not care as much, but still, its good to know eh?

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