BiteSMS has been out for awhile. I played with it when it was first released, yes for jailbreak and yes it still just for jailbreak only, seems all the cool iphone apps are jailbreak right? Anyway, I did not reinstall it for some reason and kinda of forgot about it until I came across this video on youtube showing the update to version 4.5 that lets you stop an SMS once you hit send.  This is pretty cool because more then once when typing too fast, I hit the send button.  Win. The video reminded me of just how cool this app is if you do a lot of SMS. I hardly do any so I do not have a big demand for this SMS app, but if you are looking for a better SMS app then what comes with the iPhone, this is it.

As I said, its for jailbreak only and I do not expect it to come to the iphone app store anytime soon.

Also; its not free, but if you are a med to heavy SMS users, its well worth it.  I downloaded it again, and I’m on the free 15 day trial.  After that I can keep using it for free and watch the add or pay for it.  Since I do not text very much, I may go that way.  However, if you text more then once a day, you may want to think about buying it.

You can also send SMS through biteSMS.

Choose Credits:
12 cents per SMS credit.

Credits include a license for 12 months.
Or Choose License:
A full license never expires and includes all future biteSMS updates free of charge. Does not include any credits.

If you are a texting madman, then you need to check this out.  At least watch the video below.

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