It’s Cal football day today and I had to stay home to wait for a visitor (thus could not go to the game).  No problem, I put on my Cal shirt and hat, grabbed a beer out of the fridge and turned on the telly. 10 min into the game the power goes out. I check it out and its not just at the house, but all over the area here in Oakland!  NOOOooo!.. Sob.  Well now what?  Ok, my laptop is fully charged just as my iphone is. Do I have signal?  Yes!  AT&T did not fail me!  So I fire up PDAnet (best $10 buck app I have ever bought) with one swipe to get the SBSetting buttons and click on PDAnet button.  Hooked up the laptop the iphone via usb cable and we are online!

Next step, get on Twitter and kvetch because it was 0-0 when the power went out and 21-0 by the time I figured out the whole area went down. @tiffsilverberg then clued me to turn into KGO via online radio to get the broadcast.  It took a bit of time since my AT&T connection here is pretty weak, but after all the adverts load, I’ve got sound.  Then I pull up gamecast via and I’m set!  Now tell me, if being able to catch your favorite ball game even when the power is out is not a good enough reason to convince you to jailbreak, then nothing will.

BTW, PDAnet is not the only iphone tether option out there.  There is MyWi for $10 bucks.  Jailbreak also. This app has the added advantage that you can turn your iphone into a wifi hotspot. PDAnet requires a bit more work to make a wifi connection, but I have yet to find a need to connect wifi, I prefer usb.  There is also TetherMe for $1.99.  From what I understand its pretty much like PDAnet except is supports bluetooth, but I have had no need to try it since I’m pretty happy with what I have.  If people out there have tried TetherMe, let me know, I’m curious to hear what you think.