Remember back in the day when TC’s Micheal Arrington had an idea for a simple tablet that he can operate from his couch to do basic things; mostly around web browsing?  (read ipad) Then the he and the group he was working with had a falling out?  And then they tried to do it on their own and called the tablet the JooJoo? Remember this??  Here is a link in case you forgot.

Well the tablet still exists, and they are still trying to push it.  And they had one here at IDF. (Intel developers conference)  Although it looked REALLY sweet and has to be the largest ‘pad’ I’ve ever held, it just did not seem to work very well. I tool a video with my droid (sorry about the quality) and you can see its just not quite there yet, but still, pretty nice platform.  Put Android on that bad boy and then we are talking!

So check out this video below. Even when they get the OS working, I think its too late.  They should really explore putting Android on this thing.

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