Its been a few days, and the jailbreak for iOS4.1 Sn0wbreeze 2.0 seems to be holding up.  There is also a really nice post with Q & A on Snowbreeze.  I grabbed a couple, but go here for the fill list.

Question 1: If I have a 3gs with new bootrom that i got from apple to replace an older bootrom 3gs(it is also already running 4.1) will there be a jb for this? am i doomed? will greenpoison work for me in this instance? -Jose S
Answer 1: No, at the moment you can’t jailbreak it with a 3GS with the new bootrom if you are running on 4.1.

Question 4: will this work on jailbroken ipodtouch 3rd gen on 4.0 -mainone
Answer 4: No, you can not. You will have to wait.

Question 8: With iReb 4.0 what is the difference between online and offline mode? -Pierce
Answer 8: With online mode it uses Apple servers and requires an internet connection. With offline mode it requires the 3.1.3 ISPW.

Question 11: why do we have to downgrade to a lower firmware than 4.1? i thought sn0wbreeze was a 4.1 jailbreak? -ipodjail123
Answer 11: For new bootroms, there isn’t such thing as an untethered bootrom exploit atm. So, it preserves the NOR from 3.1.2 so that when you flash on 4.1, you still have that vulnerable iBoot revision. That iBoot is vulnerable to the usb exploit which is used in blackra1n.

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