I’ve written about clearcam a few times before because I thought it was one of the coolest apps to really extend the abilities of the Apple hardware, in this case the camera. Clearcam is jailbreak only (last I checked) because for some reason they could not get into the app store. I’m guessing because of the low level access they need to the camera API. Sigh..  Anyway.

Today Steve announced the a new feature called HDR that works something like clearcam, it basically takes 3 pictures and combines them to create the best shot from the three.  What it does not seem to do which clearcam does it create a sharper and larger image from the shots.  Of course, clearcam uses 6 shots to make this happen, but you can see from my test shots it makes a difference. Check these pictures out..


Original Shot


Enhanced Shot


Here is the link to another post with more pics;

Anyone still using the 3G iphone should still get this since there is no word on how well this will work with 3G phones.

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