Betcha didnt know that did yea?  That you can send 240+ Charter messages using Direct Message through Twitter. That is, until now. My Twitter application, does not stop you from sending a message that is over 140 char.  It tells you how many char you have typed, but if you want to type 2000 char and send it go ahead; only the first 140 will be recorded by Twitter.. That is with exception to sending a Direct Message.  I normally send longer the 140 char message using DM and they all go through.  Until today. I tried to send a message to a friend of mine saying I could not make it out because of a headache and got a 403 http error back.

Ah well.  That’s too bad actually. I find that 240 char is enough to write a complete thought where at 140, I always have to compress the message one way or another. Sigh.  I figured it would come one day and today is that day.

I still have no plans to put an over 140 char block on the send button on Twitter.  The reason is when I want to cut and paste a link into the message box, I do not want to that to could against my 140 char count since I know the link will be shortened anyway.  Hopefully they do not change that too.