Yup, death of basic auth for twitter part 2.  If you remember, we were going to have basic auth killed in favor of OAuth back in June, and they decided we (they) we not ready.  Fair enough, plus the world cup really put some strain on twitter.  So now we have til the 16th of Aug to get our acts in order.  That means if you have not updated your code, you got this weekend to sort it out.

Anyone who pays any attention to their twitter app has already updated including those doing mobile, which mean xAUTH for you guys.  So Monday will be really interesting to see what stops working.  Most likely if you have a major twitter app that depends on other API’s that call twitter, its THOSE that will catch people by surprise.  But I’m sure there will be one or two that will fail.

I really hope twittFilter.com is not one of them.  🙂    Happy coding this weekend people!

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