Actually, I’m kind of surprised its taking this long. I figured someone would have taken android version and did a hack/port a few months, back, but I guess I’m getting spoiled with seeing hacks and jailbreaks coming out in days.

Still, from what I’ve heard, there is a good proof of concept out there. The project is called ‘Frash’ and its basically a port of the Android flash 10.1.  It only runs on mobile safari at the moment and its still pretty buggy.  As such they released the code on GitHub (get it here) to see what other people can do with it before its released to the general public.  The code was created by Comex, a company that made the Spirit jailbreak.

I have not looked at the code, but now that its out there, I’m going to guess a few weeks before we get something we can call later Alpha or Beta 1.  However, when you read the comments, you still get people asking ‘Why’ should we even care if we have Flash on iphone/ipad?  Darn good question.  Ask yourself, when was the last time you used flash with exception to video or an advert?  I have a few cloud app that are flash based that I still use, but I could be the exception, not the rule.

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