When Apple first announced that they have been using an incorrect algorithm for calculating radio reception (and thus displaying ‘bars’) and that it will be corrected via a software update; many of us thought, ‘how is this going to change anything?’ I wrote a few posts back guessing that perhaps they need some sort of core firmware change to change how the power to the antenna is managed might make a difference but that does not seem to be whats going on here.

Now I read that the good folks at AppleCare basically give the same answer for ‘grip if death’ issue that we heard from the beginning, either hold it differently (sorry lefties) or get a case.  Sigh.

Really.  I starting to buy into the movement that Apple should offer a case to all iphone users who request one since this asking someone to hold the phone a certain way is simply not an answer.  Still, will be interesting to see how this update will change how the iphone reception issue shows itself.