It was only a matter of time before both Apple and Google would find themselves on top and staring at each other. Microsoft was now #2 and Apple was king of the hill, but Google was not far behind.  And after Apple kicked Flash out of the studio, Google made a point in their last show to include Flash… Just for fun!

This is the end of Part 1.  I have no idea if there will be a part 2 or not, perhaps in a few months we will do another series; but as I said in the beginning, we did this just for kicks and we hope everyone enjoyed it!

~Christopher (Edit) , Joshua (Artwork)

4 comments on “The Rise, Fall and Rebirth of Apple … And so begins the War. Scene 6, End part 1

  • This comic seems to imply two things:

    1)Google is winning
    2)Flash on the Android is a great deal
    3)Apple rejected Flash out of revenge.

    They are all wrong.

    Otherwise, great comic!

  • Actually, you have 3 things, so lets go through them..1) I never implied Google was winning, in fact I have Apple Beating Microsoft. The comic should be implying that the war is on. No one is winning yet. Too early.2) Whats wrong with flash on Android? However, the joke was flash was brought on stage just to piss Apple off. 3) Apple rejected Flash out of revenge. I know that is not the case. I've written about Flash and Apple I do not know how many times, and its a very complex situation. I even debated back and forth as to whether I should make the joke or not, but I just could not find a clean (much less funny) way of setting up the final joke in scene 6, so yes your right, its was not a revenge thing in and of itself, but from a story line perspective, it does have that feel.

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