Yes, just as we were starting to get used to the idea of a 1 gig processor in our phones, there is already rumor of a 1.5 gig Android phone on the way.

And again, rumor control, but mobileCrunch reported that a phone called the HTC Scorpion could be coming to Verizon that not only sports a 1.5 processor, but will be set to take advantage of Verizon’s LTE 4G Network. Uffda!  Can we say mobile phone speed war?  Heck, my treasured HP TC1100 only has a 1.2 G processor on board.  Crazy.  We are already seeing mobile phones with faster chips then some tablets/computers that are still in service, and I mean USEFUL service because my TC1100 still works great. (Ok, it works great because I have win7 on it, but I digress)

Now here is my concern…  If we are going to see a space race of mobile phone capability, will our older phones, like the ones we bought a year ago be unable to take advantage of future OS upgrades?  Yesterday I commented on another rumor that we may see Android 2.2 on the HTC myTouch series ALSO support the Ion (a.k.a magic, a.k.a google phone 2009), but that may be a one time thing.

So how does the new Apple iphone 4.0 stack up?  No idea.  No one seems to know what the A4 chip’s speed is for certain, but I have heard its 1 gig.  But keep in mind the A4 is dedicated hardware, so you cannot just look at speed.  The A4 could be running at 500mhz but because the calls have direct hardware support, it could kick even a 1.5 gig arse, AND use less battery.

Once the iphone 4 gets into the wild and people start doing real world direct speed comparisons, then we can get a better idea.

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