I’m watching a bit of the world cup here and there, mostly to watch the US / ENG game, but I know there are futbal freaks out there so I though I would at least provide some info.

Mashable has a post on the top 6 free World Cup futbal apps.   The ESPN app looks to be the best of the list.

An app called ‘South Africa Tracker 2010’ claims to  be a Top 10 free download in 26 countries, and in the Top 10 Sports category in 77 countries. Seems ok.

TechDigest.tv has a list of 20 apps, however you have to go page by page, kind of annoying.  They were the first site I found that did NOT list the ESPN app first.

Gigaom does not have list but just posted a review on a app called goal.com  Odd to have an app called .com.

The other lists seems a bit weak.  I’ll update this as I find more.

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