As a general rule with jailbroken iphones, do not install something that has not already been installed on at least a few hundred other iphones.  Second rules, keep your phone backed up.

I broke both of those rules and I’m now paying for it.

First, I have been really lazy and have not backed up my iphone for at least 3 weeks.  Not much has changed in 3 weeks, only added perhaps 1 or 2 numbers and as for pics, I always take them off the phone whenever I connect to a PC.

So I decided to try an app (forgot the name but I will update it when I remember. I think it was called smart screen)  Anyway, when I installed it, it did not work.  So Friday I tried to disable it and do a respring.  BRICK!!!  Arrgg.. Right at the beginning of the weekend too!

Oh well, so no major loss.  Except for one thing..  I let my brother in Sacramento borrow my Mac mini.  So I have no way to put my old image back until he can zip and send me a copy of my itunes folder.  Great.  So now what?  Well I hit the Apple store and did a restore.  It took me to 3.1.3, but the Spirit jailbreak should take of that.  However, I’m now sans all my apps and my contact.  And here is one thing about Apple that really pisses me off.  You cannot save your contact to the SIM!!  Why not??  Grrr..  However, I have my address book saved through yahoo instead of iTunes, so I should be able to get most of my contact back.  At least enough to hold me over until I get a copy of my itunes.

So here is a list of first apps I load on a clean iPhone..

1) Pandora.   The great thing about Pandora is when you reload pandora, even from a clean wipe, it remembers who you are so that you do not have to sign in again.  SWEET!

2) Tunein Radio.  Covers my local News station; something I cannot live without when driving out of the city

3) Facebook:  I have to.  The web version does not seem to remember my login and its kind of clunky.

4) Opera:  yea, I know, your surprised.  But I use the website and thus REALLY need the tabs that Opera offers.

And that was it!  Only 4.  I used to play games on the iphone but I’ve burned out on that.

So think about it.  If you have to do a clean wipe on your iphone and start over.  What would be the first apps you would load before even leaving the Apple store?

Update.  Banking apps.  Now I do not use a banking app on my iPhone because I just do not trust it yet, but if I did I can totally see it.  And perhaps a budget app if I was traveling.  Recommendation I should add to my list??

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