Tip # 41

I have window7/office 2010 on my laptop and XP on the work computer. I much perfer using the laptop, but I have multiple monitors on the work desktop.  So I have been dealing with a RDC call into the laptop and working off one monitor

Which stinks

I have a few documents I need to edit and REALLY want the screen space.  Finally I had enough and started to look up how can I get XP to do this.  Come to find out, its really easy if you have XP updated.

Open the command promt (run) and type the following:

Mstsc /span

Thats it!  Now you can re-size the RDC screen as large as you like.  Now I have not figured out how to get it to snap to full screen across both monitors, but I need to get this doc finished.  I’ll look into it then and post up the procedure.

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