This is SERIOUSLY rumor control, but I’ve read on electronista and a few other sites that Apple may change the iphone4.0 SDK to avoid a possible FTC antitrust investigation.

Now this does not mean flash will be on the iphone or ipad any time soon, or anytime I figure short of going through jailbreak, but the possibility that Flash programmers using AS3 may be able to compile their code to work on the iPhone / iPad.  This would be great news if the rumors come true.  Now how much did Adobe have to do with getting the FTC to look at this issue and move on it we do not know, but this could be a great win for Adobe as well as the tons of ActionScript programmers out there.

Now what are the odds of this actually going through? Actually pretty good.  I never thought the reason for blocking other SDK’s was weak and the business win was pretty limited.  Now that does not mean you still would not have to buy a sdk license, so there are still blocks or at least hurdles Apple can put in the way, but it pain the FTC could cause may not be worth it.  We’ll see, and my fingers are crossed!

Not sure what I’m talking about?  Get the back story here.

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