There have been plenty of rumors about the iPhone 4.0 release (and hardware not withstanding) I would say it was about 50/50 on accuracy.  Course the big question, how long till jailbreak??  🙂  Too soon people, too soon.


The one thing everyone was expecting … and we got, (kinda).  Of everything announce for iPhone 4.0 this is the biggest as far as game changer.  Only running one app at a time has been a bit of a limiter with the iphone, losing GPS tracking, web pages having to be reloaded (although I do not have proof this issue is going away), losing VoIP or streaming music feed because you need to look at the map or email <- my pet peeve.  Now from what I gathered, this is not TRUE multi tasking.  Its a kinda keep-apps-in-memory multi tasking… which is not REALLY multi tasking now is it?  However, some apps will be able to run in the background, like Pandora, turn by turn, skype, etc..  So do not expect that ALL apps can run in the background.  As such, we may still have a need for the jailbreak app backgrounder.


Second big one is folders.  Yes, yes I know.  We have had that for jailbreak for YEARS!!  But finally its in the OS. For those of us that have a fair number of apps on the phone, this will be great for finding that one app you have not used in a LONG time and do not remember where you put it.

Better Email:

Win. I have 3 accounts on the phone, and thats ok.  I like seeing which account has which account has email and thus know if I should look right away or wait.  Now it can be unified.  Also, the messages are threaded!!!   W00T!!!  That is a BIG plus right there.  Enterprise support for email is better too.  Or fair to say, finally exists!  Encryption, multiple exchange account support. Perhaps now corp will finally support the iphone!

There are some other things, wall paper (about time) iAd which is basically Apples ad serivice and more API calls to make apps run faster.  All good.

HOWEVER>>> what we did NOT get

Flash:  Really???  Are you even mildly surprise??  Just not going to happen.  Same for Java.

Wireless sync:  Ok, I would have put cash on this.  Perhaps it will come in an update?  With the new hardware thus in iphone 4.1?

Nothing on Bluetooth:  Surprised here too.  Really they need to get on this. WHEN can I get a 3rd party keyboard and game controller?  And printer access?  Hello?

Video Chat:  I was not expecting this.. so no let down. (I did not even think about it till someone asked me via email.)

So there are going to be LOTS of other ‘new’ things and we will find out soon enough.  No word on new hardware. We will have to keep our eyes and ears open.

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