Well, Adobe gave up the ghost and has announced that it will no longer continue to invest in building a tool that will allow Actionscript programmers to write for the iphone.  Although the shock of Apples c*(k -blocking has already warn off, its still a bit depressing.

image from iphonebuzz.com

There has been many arguments that Apple needed to do this to protect to the product, all of which are basically rubbish since the resulting code is compliant to the API, its really a business decision. And as I said, I can see the merit in the decision. By keeping control over the developers to do things the Apple way not only provides more control but provides more profit by forcing some dev’s to make a choice to between learning coco or some other mobile SKD language.  It also forces smaller dev house to choose which platform to develop for, and right now, the iPhone is king.  So if you are a small shop and can only afford to dev to one target, you are going to build for Apple and thus will NOT build for Android or Windows or whatever.

Now the is a possibility this could backfire.  If Android gets a larger marker share then Apple, then dev house will create for Android first, Apple second.  But that day seem quite far off.

Rest in peace iPhone Flash; we hardly knew ye.